Evening Events

Here are a list of some of the meetups that are happening at “Connected Canada”:

Thursday Night pre-conference meet-up 7pm: Richmond’s Pub

Friday Night Cocktail Reception May 24, 2013 Hosted by George Couros in the Alberta Room on the University of Calgary campus.

Friday Night Speaker Biographies and Mini-Keynote Topics

Dean Shareski- The Power of Silly
The web, among other things is full of silly. Most often this silly gets dismissed either as throw away or as a bad sign of societal decay. But silly is essential in creativity and relationships. Silly can make people feel comfortable and at ease. Silly can build communities. Let’s talk about being silly.Dean Shareski is the Community Manager for Discovery Education Canada. He taught grades 1-8 for 14 years and spent 9 as a digital learning consultant for Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, SK.  In addition he teaches pre-service teachers at the University of Regina. His blog consistently ranks among the top educational blogs. Dean also blogs for Tech Learning and the Huffington Post. In 2010 he won the ISTE Award for Outstanding Leader of the Year. Dean has had the opportunity to speak to a variety of education audiences both nationally and internationally. His passion remains helping teachers explore the affordances of technology for learning.  Dean believes humor and humility go a long way in supporting and advocating transformational practices in teaching and learning.

Jesse McLean- Our Innovation Week
In the last week before the winter holiday, the staff and students at Greystone Centennial Middle School took part in Innovation Week. For 260 of the students at Greystone School who put in proposals and had them approved, this was an entire school week dedicated to projects that they chose. Students from Gr. 5-9 showed up and worked on their own or in small groups on a wide range of projects, with the common theme being that for each student, this was learning about something they were truly passionate about. We will look at some of the amazing projects that the students created, the high level of participation and student engagement, the surprises that occurred along the way, and where Innovation Week #2 is planning to go next this June!

Jesse is currently working as the School Support Coordinator for Greystone Centennial Middle School in Spruce Grove, AB. He has worked in traditional and alternative education settings, working as a classroom teacher and school administrator in both Golden Hills and Parkland School Division. He has an interest in technology in the classroom as well as inquiry and project based learning, and has worked on projects, such as Innovation Week and the Mobile Learning Initiative, in his school and with his division. Jesse is a proponent of social media and the power of connections that can be made utilizing Twitter, Blogging and other PLN tools. He writes on his blog “Opening Doors and Turning On Lights” with a focus on collaboration, innovation, and educational leadership. Jesse is married with one daughter Maggie, and coaches the Men’s Basketball Team at King’s University in Edmonton.

Joe Bower- Making School a Little Less like School
If we can agree that there is a good chunk of the population that hated their time in school, then we need to think about how we can make school a little less like school. If the consensus among educators and parents is that we want lifelong learners then we need to play a little game called “You say you want this, so then why are you doing that?”

Joe Bower is in his 13th year of teaching. He spent 10 years teaching unconventionally in a conventional middle school and now teach in a children’s inpatient psychiatric assessment unit. Joe has spent the last 7 years challenging “traditional” schooling while exploring more progressive forms of education. This journey has led him to rethink assessment, classroom management, discipline, lesson planning, standardization, accountability, curriculum, homework and grading. He blogs at www.joebower.org and tweets at @joe_bower.

Elisa Carlson- Transforming Education
How do we transform education? Are we creating mere pockets of innovation or can we scale it up to a radical social movement? What’s your role? What’s my role? How does this fit with your passion? Who is leading this transformation? Find out what Surrey Schools has done to create a radical social movement. As committed educators, we are driven by a compelling vision of learning for our students. Find out why it matters and how we are doing it, then, join us in the pursuit.

Elisa Carlson is a Director of Instruction with the Surrey School District. Leadership, innovation, system change and organizational learning fascinate her. She aspires to be a linchpin in her organization: finding new answers, new connections and new ways of getting things done. She likes to dream big and make it happen. Her hobbies are the three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and running. She is the mother of four boys: 6, 9, 14, & 17.  She loves outrageous adventure vacations and is always over her head.

Saturday Night Pub Gathering: Local 002 Pub Near Mount Royal University Residence

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